MBME Overview

MBME (Muscle Builder Muscular Endurance) Program 
Week 1 will be Published on Monday 11/13/17.  

Overview:  This is an eight week program that provides a break from heavier lifting to build muscle and muscular endurance.  It also works on areas that are common weaknesses. This will provide a better foundation for when you return to lifting heavier weights.

Intensity is based on a RPE (rating of perceived exertion) scale. The RPE is a 1 to 10 scale with a 10 being an absolute maximum effort where you could not do any more reps.  A RPE of 9 would be a set where you have 1 more rep in the tank, and a 7 is a set with a weight in which you could do 2 or 3 more reps.

This program includes accessory exercises which work the muscles that support the main strength exercises.  This is critical not only for increasing strength, but also to reduce the risk of injury.  The program strives to create a balance between opposing muscle groups.  

Each day starts with a main exercise. This program shows the working sets; you should do a few warm up sets with lighter weights before the working sets. 

After the main exercise is completed, the remaining exercises should be done as supersets. A superset is the combination of sets from two different exercises.  For example, you would do one set of triceps extensions followed by a set of curls for one superset, another set of triceps extensions followed by another set of curls for the second superset.   When performing supersets, you should strive to rest as little as possible between exercises.

To maintain cardiovascular fitness, perform 20-30 minutes of your choice of cardio at a moderate intensity with 3 to 5 high-intensity 30-second bouts interspersed through the middle of the session.

Do cardio 2 to 3 times a week, either on days between strength workouts or immediately following your strength workout.  To the extent possible schedule your work outs so that you have at least one day of rest between strength workouts. 

Note: the program includes two less commonly know exercises.  Below are links to videos that demonstrate the proper technique: 

Bulgarian Split Squat Video

 This program was developed by Dillon Lynch.  Dillon is a strength consultant who resides in Nashville, Tennessee.  He can be reached at Dillon.Lynch2@gmail.com.