About LEO-fit

LEO-fit Team

Co-founder- Nick 
Nick is a former athlete turned police officer. His life’s passion has always been related to fitness in some form or fashion. Throughout his life he has trained under several different fitness forms and plans. This has included strength & conditioning programs at the collegiate football level. It has also included training in different circuit training and Crossfit models. Nick has received a certificate as a Cooper law enforcement fitness specialist. He has also worked one on one with colleagues in order to help them reach their fitness goals. Nick has developed and established departmental fitness standard and tests that are relevant to being a police officer.

Career-wise, Nick is a patrol shift sergeant for a middle Tennessee city. Besides the normal duties of a patrol supervisor, Nick also is a member of the SWAT team, supervises the department's Honor Guard Unit & Fitness Program.
You can contact Nick at nick@leo-fit.com

Co-founder- Craig
Craig was also a former athlete before starting his law enforcement career. Prior to joining the LEO-fit team, he was the typical gym junkie that spent hours in the gym training under different traditional weight lifting programs. When his law enforcement career started and other life demands emerged he found it a consistent struggle to find time to train. Due to this, Craig was willing to try a different type of training regiment, LEO-fit. Craig's participation was essential in the practical application and the testing of LEO-fit's validity.

Career wise, Craig is a proactive patrol officer for a city outside of Detroit, Michigan.

You can contact Craig at craig@leo-fit.com

The development of LEO-fit
At the beginning of Nick and Craig’s law enforcement careers they both struggled to find a specific fitness program that accomplished what the job demanded of their bodies. Over the next few years, they started developing their own workout plans (LEO-Fit) tailored to the needs of the job. They used a combination of all the different fitness forms and plans that they had previously trained under to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program specifically designed for police officers.
The next step in their journey was to develop a departmental fitness standard and test that was relevant to doing the job. Nick successfully did this in January 2013 when the fitness standard and test was accepted in policy at his current employer.

Over the next year, Nick and Craig started receiving several request from their colleagues, other departments and LEO friends for help in their fitness training regiment. Due to the popularity of the program, Craig and Nick began discussing the idea of publishing a website in order to help spread the information throughout the law enforcement community. The LEO-Fit website and social media presence was launched in January 2014.