1031 Program Overview

Overview- The 1031 program is an all body workout program that will incorporate traditional weight lifting with body weight exercises and cardio. This program is designed for 4 workouts and 3 rest days per week. There will be a total of 8 weeks of workouts posted for a total of 32 workouts. With the general understanding that some weeks maybe back to back workout days due to work schedule/family life etc. The concept is to lift heavier weights with lower reps in the weight lifting part, then super-set that muscle group with general body weight exercises with higher reps. The cardio sections are designed more as a warm-up / cool-down. If you wish to supplement in more cardio into the program, go for it. But as usual, be smart and listen to your body. Rest and recovery is very important for your bodys' growth and fitness improvement. You will also need to know your 1 max rep for: barbell bench press, deadlift, squat and shoulder press. You will need that number in order to calculate your weight for each workout by using percentages of that max weight.