Thursday, March 24, 2016

MILLECOR Supplement Affiliate

As most of you know, we rarely promote or even talk about supplements. There are many reasons for that. In our opinion, taking or recommending supplements is very tricky and by no means are we stating we know what is best or worst for you and your fitness goals. Our normal response to these type of questions are to provide information and to tell the individual three things.

1. MAGIC SUPPLEMENT- There is NO magic supplement that is going to transform your body overnight. Supplements can help that process along, but it is a PROCESS and it takes months/years of dedication of hard work to make your body transform.

2. RESEARCH- There are thousands of supplements on the market and thousands of companies that sell them. You may have discovered the next best "x" from the next best "company x". But research it, research absolutely everything you are even considering ingesting into your body.

3. Finally we state what supplements we have found success with and where to we get them from.

Over the past year LEO-fit has been searching, researching and testing different supplements from different companies. Our ultimate goal was to find a company that provides supplements that are safe, made of high quality indigents (pharmaceutical grade), increased our fitness performance, competitively priced and pro military/LE. We wanted a company that we had no hesitation to put our LEO-fit name behind.

We use, support and recommend MILLECOR supplements. 
-Competitive prices (25% off for Veterans & LEOs)
-Fast shipping
-Outstanding customer service 
-FDA registered
-GMP (Good manufacturing practice quality product)
-Veteran /Law Enforcement owned & operated.  

LEO-fits' MILLECOR supplement diet
MILLECOR Multi-vitamin (Once a day)

MILLETOV COCKTAIL Pre-work (30 minutes before workout). This will give you an energy shot that produces a lasting pump throughout your workout. The MILLETOV COCKTAIL also includes creatine, glutamine and BCAAs to help increase your strength/muscle gains and endurance.

MILLECOR Whey Protein- (+/-30 minutes after your workout).

**These are only our opinions and only recommendation, please research all and or any supplement products you are considering to ingest.**