Thursday, November 30, 2017

Got Questions???

Hey everyone, we wanted to reach out to all of our new followers and say thanks for the support. We also wanted to clear up a few things we keep getting questions about. 

1. The policeone article was wrote about 2 years ago. They continue to re-post it every 6 months or so. Which is great to get our LEO community fitness support. BUT, by no means are we attached to any of the photos they have chose to use. With that being said, we ARE NOT saying that one of our 10 minute programs make you look like X photo (they use). 

2. Our website, has all of our programs on it. If you are on a laptop it will be on the right side bar. If you are on a smart phone it will be at the top in a drop down bar. There are several programs on there; body weight programs, running programs & lifting/cardo programs. 

3. YES we would love to have an app built for tablets and smartphones. But that just does not fit into our budget at this time. We are cops and we want to continue to keep everything free on our website. 

4. The leo-fit email subscription. On the right side bar you can submit your email to join our email subscription. Please remember, we will only email new information or website post. When we publish a new weekly program you will also get those sent to you. However, we will not email you a bunch of spam or crap like that.
Stay strong and push on.
-LEO-fit Team-